Modern garden shine flowers

Spring Festival, choose transition of herve leger a modern sheet is tasted, color such as strong thick needle series coat, aesthetic perspective series, wide cloak series is right choice. To adjust good intention affection, feel warm, pure and fresh and New Year show ego unique beauty. The OL dressed in the spring of flowers.

Taking charge of the waist and a long red windbreaker agile cute, big button makes sense, the bud silk dress collocation is concise prominent enchanting temperament. After the waist line of ZongChang bundle of effect of big bowknot let up, more show Hermes Handbag young, lovely big turndown manufacturing sweet and create the effect, luxuriant fashionable cloak.

When the wind howling, be sure to wear the dress that light color fastens, this will make you in the office or the outdoor was unable to forget. Fresh flower pattern of small suit jacket, cultivate one’s morality clipping that light color fastens collocation, who is graceful, sweet knees skirt.

Still small cold northern, girls may also don’t put too much light clothing, it doesn’t matter, then select a darker coat of flowers. Can not large flower pattern, the ornament of broken beautiful design is still moving.

Good neighbor girl how makes a good Moncler impression? As the rose flower pattern of pure and fresh quietly elegant, relaxed sweater color of skin more white can line, light color fastens tie-in dress, who is absolutely lets a person feel to protect.

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